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Do you want to work in one of the most ambitious retail organizations in Northern Europe and participate in driving strategic and operational development and processes? Are you a top student and can you make an impact? And would you like to add an international aspect to your education? Then you might be one of our new interns!


We are looking for business-minded interns to our HQ functions in Denmark, Germany and Poland. In Salling Group and Netto we continuously work on developing our organizations in the 3 countries we operate in, by making our daily operations as lean, agile and efficient as possible and by focusing our efforts on executing projects to solve complex problems and ensure sustainable and practical solutions to our business challenges.


Depending on your educational background and current studies, you will be part of one of our HQ functions, e.g. Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain or the like. As an intern, you will be a full member of our team and daily operations as well as projects, as we aim to give you the full experience of how it is to work at one of the Netto HQ functions. Whether you will stay in one function or do a rotation mid-way is up to you. You can look forward to contributing to the group’s initiatives and Must-Win-Battles within your function.


You will be exposed to a variety of tasks e.g.

  • Being responsible for own tasks and daily operation within a specific area in your function
  • Conducting data-driven analyses and other decision support
  • Solving problems in a structured and analytical manner
  • Communicating insights and results to senior decision-makers
  • Developing sustainable and practical solutions to our business challenges 


We are offering a unique opportunity for personal and professional development and we guarantee a very steep learning curve through e.g.

  • An onboarding program with courses, store visits, and casework to give you the best possible start
  • Structured individual project assessment and continuous feedback
  • Opportunity to present for and learn from Senior Management


You have a proven track record, as well as…

  • Excellent academic performance and relevant work experience
  • Strategic mindset and an ability to convert complex problems into pragmatic and practical solutions
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work across functions and disciplines
  • Strong independent drive and willingness to learn

The internship will run from start September 2021 to end December 2021. The internship is a full-time position (flexibility is possible if needed due to study program requirements) and will be based at one of our Netto headquarters in either Køge, Szczecin or Berlin.


Salling Foundations scholarship

Købmand Ferdinand Sallings Mindefond, one of the two Salling Foundations, supports education of young business people within the retail sector.


Therefore, if you expect increased expenses as part of the internship for housing, transport or other living expenses, you can simultaneously apply for a scholarship from the foundation, e.g. if you have to find temporary housing closer to the location of the internship or expect considerable transport costs.


Simply add to your internship application a section or appendix describing why you apply for the scholarship and provide a simple budget stating your expected expenses.


Possible taxation of the scholarship will depend on the country of the internship and the individual tax conditions of the applicants which may therefore vary. You will receive further information regarding the scholarship including in relation to taxation if your application is approved.


Application and questions about the position

Application deadline 2 May 2021. When applying, please send your motivational letter, resume/CV to us.



Salling Foundations scholarship

Salling Group is wholly owned by the two Salling Foundations. This means that Salling Group’s annual profit is reinvested in the business for the benefit of customers who enjoy even better customer experiences. In addition, the Salling Foundations make annual donations to worthy causes.

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